This Master Class is designed for external field salespeople who need to develop their prospecting technique and improve their success ratio for making appointments on the telephone and it is also designed for people who have to make appointments on behalf of their colleagues.

In a sales environment, the first order of duty – and often the most demanding part of the job – is to secure an appointment with the Senior Decision Maker. Making telephone appointments with new prospects is where selling begins and this Master Class has been developed to equip salespeople with the skills to improve their success rate dramatically.

The‘Winning Appointments’ Master Class examines WHY customers say ‘Yes’ to a request for an appointment and HOW to achieve this result with consistency. Using proven learning techniques and interactive role-play, delegates learn how to overcome call reluctance and instantly get gatekeepers on their side. Once through to the right person they learn how to open the conversation, what to say to keep the conversation going in the first few seconds, and most importantly how to help the prospect to quickly realise the value in agreeing to an appointment.

Delegates have ample opportunity to practise the techniques and will spend the day honing and polishing their new-found skills to a high level of accomplishment. They return with all the necessary skills and motivation to convert each telephone call into a date in the diary.

The Winning Appointments Master Class is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their ‘conversion rate,’ whether the challenge is cold prospecting, resurrecting lapsed customers or contacting existing customers for an appointment to find new business.

Master Class Objectives

  • To increase the number of face-to-face appointments with Senior Decision Makers
  • To improve the level of confidence when telephoning for appointments
  • To improve the conversion rate of telephone calls to appointments
  • To gain practical ideas to ‘sell’ the appointment rather than the products or services
  • To improve the ability to overcome objections given by both gatekeepers and decision makers

Delegates will learn

  • The importance of self-confidence…starting the day right
  • How to develop a positive mental attitude and how to improve self-belief, enthusiasm and self-motivation
  • How to plan and structure each call and how to develop an effective ‘word track’ that works
  • How to use a two-stage approach to qualify prospects and make the appointment
  • How to develop and use appropriate benefit statements to ‘sell’ the appointment
  • How to get past the gatekeeper
  • How to make appointments when following up sales promotion leads
  • How to ‘sell’ the appointment rather than the products or services
  • How to overcome objections given by the gatekeeper and the decision maker
  • How to use the ‘psychological clock’
  • How to use their ‘dial value’ to focus on activity and call rates.