On the job field sales, tele-sales and management coaching to reinforce previous learning and to ensure any classroom based training is implemented and acted on in the most appropriate and effective way.

Coaching is one of the most engaging and effective ways of creating lasting and measurable change. It is a great way to reinforce classroom based training, preventing skills decay and embedding new skills for life. Without the proper follow-up, it is easy for delegates who have attended classroom based training to forget or drop their new skills. Coaching ensures that newly acquired skills become second nature and habitual in their application.

People who excel in their field more often than not have coaches…top athletes, singers, actors, politicians and business people.

One-to-one coaching allows a flexible approach to skills development. It helps to apply skills coaching in ‘live’ environments rather than purely taking people away from the job into a ‘classroom’ where it is less easy to simulate the job environment.

Xel Training & Development coaches are highly experienced and competent in performing the skills they teach. They provide bespoke personal development, listen to the requirements of the individual, answer any questions, challenge, inspire and encourage and combine a holistic approach to personal development with the ability to focus on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role.

As coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual, their knowledge, experience, maturity and ambitions and are generally focused on achieving a number of objectives for both the individual and the company, this approach results in improved morale, increased levels of motivation and productivity in the fastest possible time.

One-to-one coaching is not the same as the ‘sitting next to Nelly’ approach to ‘on the job training’. What differentiates it is that like any good personal or professional development programme, it is based on an assessment of need in relation to the job-role, delivered in a structured (but highly flexible) manner, and generates measurable learning and performance outcomes.

When coaching sales people, Xel coaches use the unique Personal Performance Manager (PPM On-Line™) as an evaluation and assessment tool to measure and monitor performance month by month in terms of Activity, Skills and Knowledge against eleven core sales disciplines.

To summarise, one to one coaching:

  • Actively un-taps potential
  • Fine tunes and develops skills
  • Activities are designed to suit personal needs and learning styles
  • Eliminates specific performance problems
  • Focus on skills which cannot be readily or effectively transferred in a traditional training environment
  • Is highly effective when used as a means of supporting training initiatives to ensure that key skills are transferred to the ‘live’ environment.