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Delegate Testimonials

“I found the training very useful because all the information was explained clearly and in detail. The topics I found most useful was around service expectations…you’ve always got to keep improving to keep the best service because the best service today may not be the best tomorrow.”

Bradley Lucas – Service Engineer – PLP Lift Trucks Ltd.

“The programme was extremely useful as it made you stop and think about your day to day tasks and made you think how small improvements can make big differences. Communication is the big one for me as all departments including the external customer will benefit if we all keep in touch more.

This is the first course using Zoom that I have done. I thought I would feel daft talking to a screen but the opposite was true and I did interact. The technology was an impressive example especially when we were put into teams & I could interact just with the group that I was put in.

This way of learning is definitely the future, carrying it out in an environment you feel comfortable in and even more attractive due to the fact that you don’t have a 2-hour drive each end of the day. Well impressed!”

Wes Barnes – Service Engineer – PLP Lift Trucks Ltd.

“The course was very useful as all items covered are very relevant to our work to attain customer satisfaction and maintain working ethics. As we have all completed the same course together, we should now all be singing off the same hymn sheet on a continual regular basis within the business.”

Kevin Wright – Service Engineer – PLP Lift Trucks Ltd.

”The training course was very useful because I believe all the participants had many takeaways from the programme. It was great to have service engineers sharing ideas together which can facilitate the creation of daily and weekly actions that are helpful to understand any customer service problems and the implementation of new processes. Andrew is a brilliant clear presenter. I attended as an external auditor and I found the training to be very interesting and involving.”

Achille Casini – Parts and Service Business Development Manager – CESAB Material Handling Europe.

“Very interesting course with lots of material that could be applied practically from day one. All topics have been relevant and useful and I expect it will make a huge difference to our business both internally and externally. The experience of this online training has been a revelation. I was initially sceptical having attended mostly traditional face to face training courses, however, I now see that I shouldn’t have worried about changing to this new training format. I am confident that we made a good decision to go online for this training and I really look forward to implementing the next steps with the CESAB team.”

Miles Griffin – General Manager – CESAB Material Handling UK.

“The online training was extremely useful because it has given me a lot of useful information to put into practice to improve customer retention, referrals and efficiencies. Keeping the customer as your focus. It was a relaxed presenting style which makes the learning process enjoyable. I found the break-out rooms on Zoom a great way to work with and learn from others, through listening and sharing.”

Gordon Hill – Regional Sales Manager – Handling Truck Services Ltd.

“One of the most useful topics covered on the online programme so far has been the understanding of doing things with a common purpose…following the dealership/CMHE EU guidelines and not just what I think is the right thing to do. We need to build a common way to face and deal with the customer, irrespective of where they are located.”

Luca Giovagnoni – Head of Commercial – CESAB Material Handling Europe.

“The online programme was very useful as I learned lots of new things and it has helped me to see things in a differently…e.g. the importance of looking after long-term, loyal customers rather than chasing new ones and the impact this has on profitability.”

Lorna Reid – Service Office Manager – Stanstone Mechanical Handling Ltd.

“Extremely insightful and educational sessions. I really enjoyed the concepts and thought processes behind the training. The topic I found most useful was improving customer service as a whole by focussing on lots of small improvements which we can make daily which over a period of time will result in massive compound improvements.”

Greg Martin – Director – Champion Materials Handling Ltd.

“The training was extremely useful as I believe customer service is going to be more important than ever post COVID-19. The timing of the training and the reminders of good practice that it provides couldn’t be better.”

Darron Hillier – Sales Director – Angus Lift Trucks Ltd.

“I have been doing this job a long time and bad habits are unfortunately sometimes formed and this programme has made me think about how I deal with issues day to day. The topic I found most useful was about projecting positive energy. I sometimes find this hard when I have had negative energy projected at me which means I may start a conversation in a negative frame of mind about what’s to come – even if it doesn’t turn out that way in the end. This programme has given great information and has been delivered well!”

Karen Palmer – Office Manager – CESAB Material Handling UK.