This one-day ‘live & online’ virtual Master Class (delivered as two, half-day sessions) is designed for field salespeople, key account managers, technical support staff, sales managers and directors who have to conduct online presentations about products, services, concepts and other business-related subject areas to audiences both large and small.

It is also highly relevant to any other members of staff who now find themselves having to conduct online presentations and meetings to both individuals and groups of people about any subject area.

Presenting Online – The ‘New Normal’

On this ‘live & online’ virtual training Master Class, delegates will learn how to deliver their message effectively and confidently and how to get and keep the audience’s attention during the course of any online presentation. Delegates will also learn what makes a great set-up so you can present confidently without fear of interruption, but also so that your audience doesn’t have to work too hard to hear or see you.

The ‘Presenting & Selling Online’ Master Class is delivered as two, half-day online/virtual sessions conducted 4 weeks apart. During session one, delegates will learn all about the do’s and don’ts of presenting online and how to use video conferencing tools in a more effective way.

During session two, using proven learning techniques and interactive role-play, delegates will have the opportunity to practise the techniques learned on session one and will have the opportunity to hone and polish their new-found ‘virtual’ presentation skills to a high level of accomplishment.

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The training is delivered by highly experienced trainers & presenters that have many years’ experience delivering high impacting presentation skills training workshops across all industry sectors. Delegates attending this Master Class also benefit from the ‘technical’ advice & guidance of a camera/sound technician who has many years’ experience working in the television industry. Each delegate will receive ‘technical advice’ on getting the best possible visual and sound experience when conducting video conference calls/presentations.

Master Class Objectives

  • To develop the skill of delivering high impacting online presentations
  • To structure and deliver an effective and exciting ‘virtual’ presentation
  • To project a message with confidence and charisma when presenting online
  • To manage an audience effectively in a ‘virtual’ world

Delegates will learn

  • What makes online presenting different
  • How to eliminate distractions
  • What questions to ask before they start – The first stages of planning & preparation
  • How to create compelling content for an online presentation
  • How to develop & construct the main ‘ingredients’ of the message
  • How to use techniques which motivate the audience to accept the idea/product/service being presented
  • How to use (and read) body language and the importance of questioning skills when presenting online
  • How to keep the presentation engaging and impactful
  • How to interact easily with the audience, the presentation slides (and other visual aids) when presenting online
  • How to use the technology/functionality of your video conferencing platform – the use of chat/whiteboard/breakout rooms/etc
  • Knowing when to take a break

Click here to read delegate feedback/testimonials from previous Presenting & Selling Online Programmes.

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