This Master Class (currently delivered as three (see dates below), two-hour ‘live & online’ virtual training sessions) is designed for everybody in the business who have contact with customers…those people who need to polish their interpersonal and communication skills with external customers and generally improve their overall level of commercial awareness.

In business, first impressions count, and in today’s competitive market place, no business can afford to allow a slip in its public persona. Customers’ expectations continue to increase, and companies that don’t keep up, risk losing them to a competitor with better service levels.

But all too often, a company’s ‘first contact’ is the least well trained, and that can be a recipe for disaster.

These first contacts are called ‘Moments of truth’. ‘Customer Service Excellence’ will give your customer contact staff all the skills they need to deal positively with these ‘Moments of Truth’.

In today’s competitive markets, it is essential that every customer contact at every level be handled by every person in the business in the most professional way possible.

The ‘Customer Service Excellence’ Master Class makes non-sales personnel significantly more valuable to your business by increasing their sales awareness, so they can identify and support sales opportunities.

This Master Class also demonstrates how each ‘Moment of Truth’ will determine whether that customer: A) Becomes a customer, B) Remains your customer C) Brings new customers by spreading the good news.

‘Live & Online’ Date Schedule:

  • Session One – Thursday 17th June (am)
  • Session Two – Thursday 1st July (pm)
  • Session Three – Thursday 15th July (am)

Master Class Objectives

  • To exceed customer expectations
  • To make everybody a ‘sales body’
  • To present a truly professional interface at every level of the company

Delegates will learn

  • That everybody is a SALES body
  • How to meet and exceed customers’ expectations
  • The personal qualities of a professional sales support person
  • How to fire up your Drive and Energy System
  • Why HAPPY people keep winning
  • How to sort out your ‘niggle’ list
  • How to develop winning ways
  • What you should know about your six best customer
  • How to embrace the competitive spirit
  • How to make the most of your ‘Moments of Truth’
  • How to set performance standards for Customer Service Excellence
  • How to be (or become) the best