Xel Training & Development now includes in its portfolio of Master Class subjects the work of one of the most outstanding management thinkers of our time. Aimed at sales, customer service and management teams, Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats can be presented either as a one or two-day Master Class. LATERAL THINKING is presented as a two-day Master Class.

Serious Creativity will seem like a contradiction in terms for many people. It is often said that creativity has to be fun, lively and crazy – so how can we have serious creativity?

‘Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking’¬†Master Classes show delegates how to be constructive and creative, how to solve problems easily and how to open up opportunities.

Like any other sales or management skill, ‘thinking’ is also a skill. The de Bono thinking tools provide a highly practical and alternative system to the traditional argument method. These tools can be learned, practised and developed in the same way as other management skills.

Master Class Objectives

  • Improve output and productivity as a team or individually
  • Develop the power of creativity on a individual or team basis
  • Improve new business generation
  • Improve personal relationships and overcome cultural differences that exist between individuals and departments
  • Increase the number of ‘great ideas’ generated during sales and management meetings

Delegates will learn

  • How to collate the facts: what you have, what you need and where to get it
  • How to develop and use their feelings – intuition and instincts
  • How to manage caution by identifying and handling dangers and potential problems
  • How to see the benefits and positive aspects and values of other people’s opinions
  • How to be creative: identify alternatives, options, new concepts and perceptions
  • How to manage ‘parallel thinking’, i.e. ensuring everyone in the team does the same kind of thinking at the same time