This Master Class is aimed at everybody within an organisation who need to improve their working relationships with all of their colleagues and by doing so gain a thorough understanding of the impact this will have on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This Master Class is designed to get all the people within the organisation working together as a team, giving EACH OTHER the best possible service which automatically gives External Customers (the people who buy our products and services) the best possible service.

‘Effective Teamwork’ demonstrates very clearly that everyone in the organisation is there to provide a service to everyone else. It then shows how this, in turn, helps ensure that the level of service provided to the external customer is the best there can be which ultimately impacts on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Delegates on this Master Class will experience in a lively atmosphere continuous improvement from current practice to ‘world class performance’ with links to financial and non-financial measures throughout the day.

Master Class Objectives

  • How to achieve world class performance through collective and collaborative teamworking
  • To increase the productivity of all the team
  • To reduce and eliminate non value added work

Delegates will learn

  • What world class performance looks and feels like
  • To understand what makes effective teams
  • To understand the values & opinions of others to aid group decision making
  • Decision making in a crisis or when the pressure is on
  • How to define the rights and standards of your team
  • What impact effective teamworking has on the profitability of their own organisation