This Master Class is for sales managers, sales directors, salespeople and anybody else who is involved in the planning and manning of the trade exhibition stand.

Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large business, there is still nothing to compare with a stand at a trade exhibition for launching a business and it’s products or services towards new customers, new contracts and new markets – just so long as the stand is properly designed and positioned and the stand staff that are on exhibition ‘duty’ are trained and briefed to perform effectively and the enquires and/or orders are logged and followed up efficiently.

90% of businesses that exhibit at trade shows still pour most of their exhibition budget straight down the drain.

The ‘Exhibiting’ Master Class highlights the pitfalls which face all exhibitors and illustrates the most crucial how-to’s of both stand planning and stand management in order to maximise the ROI from the event. It deals with the special problems of selling from the exhibition stand and the opportunities that this unique “territory” can bring and demonstrates how to stay one step ahead of the competition through ‘effective’ stand management.

Master Class Objectives

  • How to maximise sales opportunities at a Trade Exhibition
  • How to stay one step ahead of the competition through ‘effective’ stand management
  • How to maximise the ROI from a Trade Exhibition

Delegates will learn

  • Why exhibit…defining the objectives for being there
  • The Hilton rule…how to select the ‘ideal’ stand position and what do you do if you are not in one of the ‘prime’ positions
  • The role of the Stand Manager
  • How to work smart on the exhibition stand…a checklist of the do’s and don’ts for ‘effective’ stand management
  • The personal qualities and abilities of a ‘professional’ exhibitor
  • How to use ‘key selling skills’ whilst on exhibition duty
  • How to read and use body language for maximum effect
  • How to maximise the ‘call to action’ i.e. how log and follow-up enquiries generated during the exhibition