“Sport Psychology and Mental Game Secrets to Boost Sales Performance”

This Master Class is designed for experienced field salespeople, internal tele-sales people, key account managers, sales managers and directors.

This Master Class is not about presenting features and benefits or handling objections – delegates who attend this Master Class should have already developed the core skills of selling and negotiating. This Master Class is all about giving people the performance ‘edge’, the mental keys to unlock their true sales potential by introducing them to tried and tested “mental game” principles developed over years in the sports arena.

Mastering ‘performance psychology’ is what separates true champions from average players. These are the inner skills that help to keep you focussed, help you perform when the pressure is on and give you control over the greatest asset that you have i.e. Your Mind in order to bring real success.

Through the use of interactive role-play techniques, syndicate & individual exercises, delegates on the ‘Performance Psychology for Sales Success’ Master Class will learn mental skills used by top athletes and sportspeople that will enable them to take their selling to the next level, bringing significant success for themselves and their company.

Master Class Objectives

  • To increase sales performance and results by gaining control over the mind
  • To gain a greater understanding of the psychological drivers of successful sales behaviour
  • To break through self-limiting barriers and beliefs affecting sales performance
  • To help define and achieve both business and personal goals
  • To gain a competitive ‘edge’ by using sports performance psychology principles

Delegates will learn

  • How the mind works
  • How to develop powerful success beliefs
  • How to use visualisation and mental rehearsal techniques
  • The difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
  • To understand the link between Winning and a Positive Self-Image
  • How to create and stay focussed on goals
  • Why we ALL get nervous at some point
  • Ways of dealing with anxiety and nerves
  • How to recognise stress and develop coping mechanisms
  • How to use powerful focus and concentration techniques
  • How to Stay in the ZONE and sell with confidence
  • The difference between power of process goals & outcome thoughts
  • How to deal with setbacks and develop powerful confidence strategies that keep you going
  • How to attain ‘Performance Excellence’
  • How to use the power of self-belief to break through barriers