This Master Class (currently delivered as two, half-day ‘live & online’ virtual training sessions – see dates below) focuses on the environment in which the internal salesperson works – the need for concentration, the need for the right atmosphere and attitude and the need for the right tools for doing the right job.

More and more businesses are realising that their internal staff have the ability to achieve substantial extra sales – sales that are lost often as a result of a poor use of the telephone, and an unconscious disregard of the crucial rules of ‘Professional Tele-Selling’. This inspirational course focuses on the skills, atmosphere and attitude necessary to unlock all those potential extra sales when dealing with both inbound and outbound calls.

Delegates also work on their personal ‘word tracks’, building step by step the quality questions, benefits statements, recovery routes for handling objections and instant response aids needed to excel in this toughest of all selling situations.

Date Schedule:

  • Session One – Tuesday 18th May (am)
  • Session Two – Wednesday 19th May (am)


Master Class Objectives

  • To maximise sales opportunities from both inbound and outbound tele-sales calls
  • To make the most from every Tele-Sales call
  • To create the right impression when using the telephone
  • To improve current call to order ratios

Delegates will learn

  • How to become the Tele-Sales person customers like best
  • How to plan and prepare for tele-sales calls
  • How to develop a positive mental attitude and how to improve self-belief, enthusiasm and self-motivation
  • The personal qualities of a professional Tele-Sales person
  • How to handle incoming calls and convert more enquiries into orders
  • How to handle ‘hot air balloons’ (dealing with complaints)
  • How to make productive out-going calls to both prospects and existing customers
  • How to control the conversation and create more selling opportunities by asking better, deeper, wider questions and listening skills
  • How to identify customer needs & objectives
  • How to differentiate the sales proposition and sell against competition – Using features and benefits effectively
  • How to handle objections and how to sell ‘The Difference’
  • How and when to ask for the order