This 3-hour ‘live & online virtual training workshop is designed for everybody involved in preparing and presenting (face to face or virtually) written quotations – the managers with overall responsibility, salespeople who deal directly with customers, and sales office and technical people who have to produce the quotation documentation.

This highly interactive virtual training workshop will demonstrate five easy steps to win more business at a higher price (even against your toughest competitors) that will double, or even triple your quote to order conversion rate.

It is designed to show suppliers how, by producing more user-friendly ‘Sales Proposals’, they can significantly improve their conversion rate, win more business at a higher price and reduce the current gestation period from submitting a quote to winning an order.

This workshop builds on what we cover on our Selling- ‘Live & Online’ training workshop and demonstrates how you could significantly increase your potential for success by presenting a comprehensively researched and ‘financially justified’ sales proposal. It will help to ‘differentiate’ your quotations and proposals to stand out from the rest therefore preventing them from being skimmed and thrown away.

Whether you are submitting and presenting quotes and proposals face to face or virtually, this highly participative content demonstrates how to improve your quote to order conversion rate in just 3 hours, and the improvement will be on-going, not just short-term!

Master Class Objectives

To DOUBLE the orders you WIN from the quotations you currently submit
To produce a ‘winning’ proposal every time
To increase the current conversion rate and at a higher price
To build a clear ‘differentiation’ between you and your competition
To reduce the current gestation period of quotes to orders

Delegates will learn

  • Why most quotations look more like invoices
  • How to develop and use a more effective proposal structure and format
  • How to present the customer’s objectives/needs
  • How to present the benefits of the solution
  • How to develop and present financial justifications
  • How to develop and present your USP’s and additional ‘support’ material
  • How to establish and use your existing customer’s Criteria For Ordering (CFO) with prospects
  • The rules for emailing proposals, presenting them face to face or virtually
  • How to use your proposal as a ‘closing’ tool

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