Delegate Testimonials

“The experience of this online training has been a revelation. I was initially sceptical having attended mostly traditional face to face training courses, however, I now see that I shouldn’t have worried about changing to this new training format. I am confident that we made a good decision to go online for this training and I really look forward to implementing the next steps with the CESAB team.”

Miles Griffin – General Manager – CESAB Material Handling (UK).

“The online training was extremely useful because it has given me a lot of useful information to put into practice to improve customer retention, referrals and efficiencies. Keeping the customer as your focus. It was a relaxed presenting style which makes the learning process enjoyable. I found the break-out rooms on Zoom a great way to work with and learn from others, through listening and sharing.”

Gordon Hill – Regional Sales Manager – Handling Truck Services Ltd.

“One of the most useful topics covered on the online programme so far has been the understanding of doing things with a common purpose…following the dealership/CMHE EU guidelines and not just what I think is the right thing to do. We need to build a common way to face and deal with the customer, irrespective of where they are located.”

Luca Giovagnoni – Head of Commercial – CESAB Material Handling Europe

“The online workshop was extremely useful because I was able to reflect on my learning from last time, refreshing my mind & information. The CFO & FAB (Criteria for Ordering & Benefits) sections will make a massive difference to my job as it has reminded me not to assume an existing customer will remember all of our benefits.”

Nichola Wardman – Northern Area Sales Manager – JD (UK) Ltd.

“The online workshop was extremely useful because it has given me a whole new insight on how to present my quotations to make mine stand out from our competitors. Presenting quotations using personal touches will allow me to connect with my customers on a more one to one level.”

Kelly Wilson – Merchandisor – Wilo (UK) Ltd.

“The online/virtual training session was very useful because of two reasons. Firstly, as we are operating in unusual times and currently on furlough, I believe the programme gave a new focus and created a ‘buzz’ around the team about getting back to work. Secondly, it offered lots of hints and tips in terms of managing & developing Key Accounts. I have used some of the tools previously however it highlighted how they can be improved and developed further.”

Joseph Evans – Technical Sales Manager – Oscrete Construction Products.

“The online/virtual training session was extremely useful because the tools & techniques from the session will be extremely powerful once implemented. It has given plenty food for thought, we now need to map out a process. I had never really thought about having a process at the very front end of prospecting. This was spot on!”

Samantha Johnson – Sales Office & Service Manager – Renold Gears.