This state-of-the-art 3-day sales foundation programme (currently delivered over a series (see dates below) of half-day ‘live & online’ virtual training sessions) is aimed at newly appointed salespeople from any sales background or those with limited training or experience, selling either products or services and who are responsible for winning new business from new and existing accounts. Management or non-sales personnel who need a greater sales awareness will also benefit from attending.

This 3-day programme develops a sound foundation on which the sales professional can build a successful and rewarding career. The highly participative content demonstrates modern-day, consultative sales strategies in a definable, structured way. The programme is designed to give delegates a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the salesperson and the extent to which sound, logical planning is required before selling starts. This intensive and interactive programme will equip salespeople with a comprehensive and practical toolkit of professional, solution driven sales and negotiation techniques to totally satisfy their customers and defeat the competition.

‘Live & Online’ Date Schedule:

  • Day One (Session One) – Tuesday 20th October (am)
  • Day One (Session Two) – Wednesday 21st October (am)
  • Day Two (Session One) – Thursday 22nd October (am)
  • Day Two (Session Two) – Tuesday 3rd November (am)
  • Day Three (Session One) – Wednesday 4th November (am)
  • Day Three (Session Two) – Thursday 5th November (am)

Master Class Objectives

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of the ‘sales process’ and structure of selling
  • To sustain long-term performance
  • To work smart rather than just hard
  • To improve negotiation skills and tactics
  • To win more business and margin at ‘Closing Time’ by identifying when and how to ask for commitment
  • To create more selling opportunities by asking better, deeper, wider questions
  • To differentiate the sales proposition and sell against competition
  • To gain the desire and self-belief needed to win.

Delegates will learn

  • The 3 stages of the ‘consultative-partner’ sales process
  • The psychology of selling and what makes people buy
  • The personal qualities of a professional sales person
  • How to develop a positive mental attitude and how to improve self-belief, enthusiasm and self-motivation
  • How to use Xel’s unique PPM System – The easy way to get from Good Enough to Excellent
  • How to develop a territory business plan
  • Effective questioning, probing and listening skills
  • How to identify customer needs & objectives – Using gap analysis strategies (Xel’s ‘Zip’ Principle) to uncover and develop the prospect’s requirement
  • How to identify a prospect’s purchasing criteria
  • How to sell solutions and ‘differentiate’ their offer against the competition – Using features and benefits effectively
  • How to develop and present an effective sales proposal rather than a traditional quote
  • How to improve their quote to order conversion rate
  • How to handle objections and how to sell ‘The Difference’
  • How to develop and present financial justifications
  • How to differentiate their company from the competition
  • How to use a ‘six-step’ approach when planning for a negotiation
  • How to identify customer objectives and ‘motives’ when negotiating
  • How to develop a co-operative and collaborative style rather than a competitive (adversarial) style when negotiating
  • How to create the ‘feel good factor’ for the other party when negotiating
  • How to use the Stanford Research Institute’s Values and Lifestyle Survey (VALS) to create and maintain rapport when negotiating
  • How to develop the closing habit and ask for the most appropriate form of ‘commitment’
  • If you don’t close, you’re working for the competition