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5-Day Leadership Development Master Class

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10 September, 2024



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Course Description

‘Inspirational and effective’ leadership is one of the most influential and critical elements for an organisation of any type to thrive and expand its operations and it must therefore make good leadership a top priority.

This highly interactive 5-day programme (each day conducted approximately 4 weeks apart) is designed for senior and middle-level managers and supervisors from any function within the organisation.

This programme enables leaders and managers to gain a thorough understanding of how to release their own potential and the potential of their team. Delegates explore their own management and leadership style and identify areas for development.

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Managers and supervisors within any organisation need to be as effective as they possibly can be therefore delegates on this programme will learn a range of key skills essential for getting the very best out of their team in today’s demanding and challenging economic environment. They will take away the necessary tools and skills to inspire and impact their own team enabling their organisation to run competently, smoothly and therefore as profitable as it possibly can be.

Today’s leadership task is very demanding and challenging and as a result, three ‘key components’ require close attention:

  1. Developing individuals
  2. Building the team
  3. Achieving the task

The 5-Day Leadership Development Master Class is designed to equip and empower directors, managers and supervisors to motivate their staff and build a successful, dynamic team.

The key benefits of inspirational and effective leadership include:

  • Absenteeism drops significantly
  • Discretionary/voluntary time on the job by employees significantly increases
  • Employees voluntarily helping others significantly increases
  • Levels of “employee engagement” greatly increases
  • Levels of undue stress greatly reduced
  • Employees want to contribute significantly more via dialogue
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Master Class Objectives

  • To gain an understanding about the difference between management and leadership
  • To improve ability to use leadership skills to raise their own personal performance
  • To gain an understanding how to maximise the potential from others using leadership, motivation and teamwork
  • To improve the skills needed to coach, develop, support and motivate their people for improved effectiveness
  • To improve individual and team performance
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Delegates Will Learn

Day One (Tuesday 10th September 2024):

(Developing departmental goals/objectives in line with the overall
company plan)

  • Strategic planning – the shape of things to come
  • Deciding the vision for the future
  • Guiding principles and core values
  • Building a “Business Battle Plan”
  • Communicating the strategy down the line
  • Understanding the changes to make
  • ‘Action Centred Leadership’ & analysis of individual leadership styles
  • Summary of main learning/action points

Day Two (Tuesday 8th October 2024):

(Leading Individuals in the Team – Part One)

  • Review of day one & key actions/learning point
  • How to determine management policies and leadership styles for
    maximum profit
  • Attitude Vs Aptitude and the impact on team performance
  • Effective individual and team motivation
  • Managing the process of change
  • Summary of main learning/action points

Day Three (Tuesday 12th November 2024):

(Leading Individuals in the Team – Part Two)

  • Review of day two & key actions/learning points
  • Goal setting
  • How to coach people on the job and apply effective feedback
  • Conducting effective performance reviews to maximise training
  • Time management and effective delegation
  • Summary of main learning/action points

Day Four (Tuesday 10th December 2024):

(Leading an Effective Team)

  • Review of day three & key actions/learning points
  • Communicating with the team through effective team meetings
    & briefings
  • How to recognise different behavioural characteristics within the
  • What makes successful communications and the characteristics
    of an excellent communicator
  • Stages of team development
  • Empowerment – creating the right environment for profitability
  • Summary of main learning/action points

Day Five (Tuesday 7th January 2025):

(Recruiting Effective Team Members)

  • Review of day four & key actions/learning points
  • How to determine critical behaviours and interview questions for
    a specific job
  • How to use past behaviour as a predictor of future performance
  • Linking reference checks to critical job behaviours
  • How to get beyond the ‘rehearsed’ responses of a well-coached
  • Summary of main learning/action points
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