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Communication Excellence

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Course Description

This Master Class is suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Salespeople & Customer Service Staff; in fact anyone that needs to improve their communication skills with customers or work colleagues.

Communicating effectively helps you to motivate other people and achieve performance improvement through them – whilst retaining their respect. Effective communication is an essential skill for success. The Communication Excellence Master Class looks at communicating under pressure, how to talk to difficult people, use active listening skills and develop the art of persuasion. Through the use of interactive role-play, syndicate & individual exercises, delegates will develop an instantly useable set of tools and methodologies that will allow them to become a more efficient, powerful and effective communicator.

Anyone who attends this Master Class will be left with a greater awareness of their own preferred style of communication, be able to identify other people’s style of communication and be able to enhance personal and team productivity through better working relationships. This Master Class provides you with a toolbox of easy-to-use skills that improve the effectiveness of any interpersonal relationship.

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Master Class Objectives

  • To gain a greater awareness of different styles of communication
  • To be able to identify other people’s style of communication
  • To improve and enhance personal and team productivity through better working relationships
  • To be able to project a more confident, open and competent image
  • To know how to reduce conflict in difficult situations.
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Delegates Will Learn

  • What makes an excellent communicator
  • What are the key behaviours of communication excellence
  • How to identify and understand their natural communication style
  • How to recognise and deal with different Communication Styles (Amiable-Expressive-Driver-Analytical)
  • How to use a Communication Styles Matrix to improve rapport with other people
  • How to communicate with people who are known as a High Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • How to recognise the behaviours of High Red, Yellow, Green, Blue people
  • The do’s and don’ts to ensure successful communication
  • How to understand and use body-language in communication
  • How to develop and use Active Listening
  • How to use the LISTEN Model
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