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Sales Management

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22 July, 2024



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Course Description

This Master Class (delivered as two, half-day ‘live & online’ training sessions – see dates below) is designed for both new and experienced Area, Regional or National Sales Managers and Sales Directors who have to get the best out of today’s salespeople.

Today’s sales management task is very demanding and challenging and therefore three ‘key components’ especially require close attention: developing individuals, building the team and achieving the task. The Sales Management Master Class is designed to equip and empower sales managers and directors to motivate their staff and build a successful, dynamic sales team.

The Sales Management Master Class shows delegates how to achieve consistently improved results from their sales team and how to build a team of salespeople who themselves strive for continual improvement in their personal performance. The Master Class shows managers and directors how to train and appraise and MAXIMISE the performance of the existing team and how to recruit additional members of the team WHO CAN SELL.

For those delegates that are new to sales management who have recently been promoted from a sales role, this Master Class begins by showing delegates how to cross the bridge between Selling and Managing without losing friendships and respect in the process.

It then shows what a manager has to do to achieve results through other people, how to pick winners and avoid losers, how to train and appraise “on the job” and how to improve individual and team performance using ‘performance management’ systems.

Finally, delegates attending the Sales Management Master Class will learn to understand the difference between management and leadership and therefore how to maximise the potential from others using leadership, motivation and teamwork and be able to coach, develop, support and motivate their people for improved effectiveness and improved business performance.

Date Schedule:

  • Session One – Monday 22nd July 2024 (pm)
  • Session Two – Tuesday 23rd July 2024 (am)
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Master Class Objectives

  • To achieve maximum results from the sales team
  • To get the very best out of salespeople
  • To improve individual and team performance
  • To keep the sales team at peak performance – all the time
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Delegates Will Learn

Mastering the Fundamentals

  • How to cross the bridge from Selling to Managing
  • How to review and Improve your Personal Management Credibility
  • Understanding and using the Action Centred Leadership Model

Understanding the Role of a Sales Manager and Director

  • Understanding the Functions of a Sales Manager and Director
  • Understanding Management Standards of Performance and their Importance

Recruiting People who can Sell

  • Developing a ‘Ten Stage’ check list for Picking ‘Winners’
  • Understanding how to use Aptitude Tests and Personality Profiling Tools to help select the right people

Training Salespeople ‘On the Job’

  • Understanding how to ‘Fire Up’ the Drive and Energy System of the team and the impact this has on customers
  • How to develop a Positive Mental Attitude within the team
  • How regular and modular training and coaching sessions helps to meet your customers’ expectations
  • Using Xel Training & Development’s unique Personal Performance Manager (PPM System)

Getting the Motivation Going

  • Understanding and using the Abraham Mazlow and Frederick Herzberg Motivation models
  • Recognising signs of De-Motivation and what to do about it
  • Understanding the Lessons from GEESE
  • Understanding and using Personality Profiling Tools to help Supervise and Motivate the Team

Management Policies and Leadership Styles for Maximum Profit

  • Understanding the impact on profit by the approach taken to Planning; Control; Achieving Results; Dealing with Conflict; Communications
  • Understanding Managerial/Leadership Styles and the research carried out by Blake & Mouton

Achieving Sales Targets

  • Three elements of the Sales Target
  • How to use your Activity and Results Numbers
  • Using League Tables and the ‘Windows of Opportunity’ Matrix

How to Produce Accurate Sales Forecasts

  • Understanding Growth and where it comes from
  • How to produce accurate annual and monthly forecasts
  • Next Month’s ‘Best Bets’
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