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Prospecting Using Social Media

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28 October, 2024



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Course Description

This half-day ‘live & online’ virtual Master Class is designed for field salespeople, marketing managers/executives, sales managers, business owners, business development managers, and sales office personnel who want to use Social Media to generate a consistent flow of new business leads each and every month in order to secure more appointments and more business.

The Master Class will show you how to use Social Media (specifically LinkedIn) to connect with potential clients, engage with them, and secure either face-to-face, online or telephone meetings consistently each month. Whether you’re a complete novice with Social Media, or you use it regularly, we will show you how any company (in any market) can be profitable through Social Media Marketing.

The power and opportunity Social Media grants sales professionals and business people generally is limitless. As long as we understand how to leverage each platform – we can connect with our potential clients, engage with them, and secure either face-to-face, online or telephone meetings consistently each month. As a salesperson, you need to stand out from your competitors on Social Media – if you don’t, you’ll blend in with the ‘noise’ of the crowd and see no tangible return for your time spent using the platforms.

This is one of many areas we cover in detail. What’s more, you also need to be efficient with your time on Social Media. So as well as learning how to leverage each platform to secure client meetings, we also cover Time Management i.e. creating your Daily Plan and maximise all opportunities Social Media offers.

The ‘Prospecting Using Social Media’ Master Class will improve your confidence, effectiveness, and results of your Social Media activity. This Master Class is suitable for delegates of all skill levels – just a basic understanding of what Social Media is, is all that’s required.

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Master Class Objectives

  • To secure more face-to-face, online or telephone meetings with potential clients
  • To learn how to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool
  • To create a Daily Plan to execute efficiently, leveraging Social Media
  • To learn how to use Social Media as a networking tool
  • To create a Personality on Social Media, helping you stand out from the ‘noise’ of the crowd
  • To create an overall Social Media Strategy, focussing on securing new appointments/meetings with potential clients
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Delegates Will Learn

  • What to ‘Say’ on Social Media to engage with potential & existing clients
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile/account to attract your ideal client
  • How to create your Social Media Strategy and Daily Plan
  • What ‘Centres of Influence’ are, and why they’re so important
  • How to develop a targeted connection database of potential clients on LinkedIn
  • How to ‘Sell’ the appointment correctly on Social Media
  • How to use video for prospecting and account management purposes on LinkedIn
  • How to follow up correctly with LinkedIn connections
  • How to convert your ‘following/connections’ to appointments/meetings in the diary, consistently.

Delegate Testimonials

“The Master Class was extremely useful because it showed how to use LinkedIn in a different way and following the use of these techniques opened other avenues to contact previously locked doors” (Jason Rathbone)

“The Master Class was very useful as the timing couldn’t have been better given the very challenging times that we are all having to cope with. I found the information on the Sales Navigator upgrade very interesting and I can see that this would enable me to target and build the initial relationship with prospective clients more effectively” (Tony Colbert)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because I now have a much better understanding of the various platforms and how to fully utilise them in our market place” (Matthew Fairclough)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because I can now optimise my LinkedIn profile, generate more sales leads and check on my customer activity more effectively” (Tim Dix)

“The Master Class was very useful because it gave lots of detail on the approaches to using social media for generating new leads. I found especially useful, the tools available to manage social media posts (and therefore manage my time) and for analysis purposes” (Ian Grimes)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because it gave great information on a topic that at first seemed overwhelming. The course offered step by step ideas to launch and manage our social media campaign” (Amanda Cornelius)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because I now feel confident in setting up and using my social media platforms to generate new business leads. I have a much better understanding of how to build a following on the different platforms that will generate leads and how to connect and network with people” (Lauren Jones)

“The Master Class was very useful because it was highly relevant, easy to follow, interesting and offered practical suggestions & solutions.” (Emma Singleton)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because it was very relevant to us. It showed me how to improve our social media presence and use it to create more leads, build brand awareness and generate more sales that we are missing out on.” (Steve Lewis-Brammer)

“The Master Class was extremely useful because it taught me how to increase the number of followers we have using free tools and how to increase sales as a result.” (Amy Redfearn)

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