This Master Class is aimed at all managers and supervisors within the business who wish to develop and enhance their leadership and team building skills.

Modern performance management centres on ‘achieving results through other people’. As such, managing people is a very important part of making any organisation work well. Achieving organisational goals is only possible if the leaders’ team share their vision.

This Master Class assesses approaches to team management and introduces new concepts to develop the performance of the team.

Master Class Objectives

  • To fully understand the dynamics of team management
  • Analyse the criteria for team effectiveness and how to measure team progress
  • To Build successful teams through collective and collaborative teamworking
  • To increase the productivity of all the team

Delegates will learn

  • What ‘world class’ team performance looks and feels like
  • To understand what makes effective teams
  • To understand different people types within a team
  • The importance of establishing role clarity and the impact each person has on their respective team members
  • How to define the rights and standards of your team
  • To understand and use the values and opinions of others to aid group decision making
  • What impact effective team working has on the profitability of their own organisation
  • How to reduce and eliminate non-value added work through effective team working