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Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Cultural Change Programmes

If you are looking to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is essential to fully understand what your customers think about your organisation prior to conducting any customer service skills and/or cultural change programmes.

This can be achieved by targeting at a cross-section (large and small) of your existing customers with a carefully designed Customer Satisfaction Survey before and after any training & development work is carried out. Xel Training & Development consultants work with you to design and execute a customer survey which provides the information you require promptly, cost-effectively and to the highest quality.

Choosing The Best Survey Method

A number of survey methods can be used to collect customer feedback. The most appropriate one will depend on the diversity and number of customers you have and the ways in which you engage with them.

Different methods can be used to survey different sections of your customer base, and can complement each other. For example, surveys can consist of face to face interviews, telephone interviews, paper and on-line questionnaires and mystery shopper assessments.

Survey Structure

Using a numeric scale, the survey will identify any ‘satisfaction gaps’ and will enable us to calculate the ‘satisfaction index’ which is a composite weighted index that accurately reflects customers satisfaction judgement, based on the requirements that matter most and which can then be monitored and compared year on year thereafter.

The survey will therefore result in highlighting a small number of clear and actionable ‘priorities for improvement’ that will be the best way to improve customer satisfaction as well as loyalty and profit.

There are times when customer feedback from the survey suggests that there are parts of the customer journey that your customers are finding difficult. This is sometimes a result of internal processes being designed in response to internal pressures or conflicting priorities rather than being designed with the customer in mind.

By surveying the customer experience we can discover ways to improve the customer experience in a way that benefits both your customers and your business.

Customer Satisfaction in your Organisation

Customer satisfaction is not just a one-off or annual survey, it is a continuous process and should become part of your organisation’s culture. Based on the results of the satisfaction survey, Xel Training & Development are ideally positioned to deliver customer service training, embedding the ethos of superior customer service within your organisation.

Typically this starts at the top with the senior management team to determine what superior customer service looks like within your organisation and to ensure that the ‘leaders’ of the organisation are fully equipped to lead and drive forward any cultural change initiatives that follow.

Such cultural change initiatives generally are in the format of a series of highly interactive training modules with all staff, aimed at increasing their awareness of customer satisfaction and engaging in providing a valued service to customers.

Ongoing surveys can monitor customer opinions, tracking the impact of the actions taken during any training intervention whilst identifying any new challenges and opportunities.

The feedback provided ensures that management and staff are well informed, confident that they are in control, motivated to continue their efforts ensuring the success of their business by delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Key Benefits

As a result of making practical improvements in customer service, the benefits, the rewards and the return on investment that we help you deliver include:

  • Increased revenue and profit – selling more to existing customers and winning more new customers
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved reputation in the marketplace
  • Increased number of referrals
  • Reduced cost of doing business – being more efficient.

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