Presenting Online – The ‘New Normal’

Presenting online has become, or is certainly fast becoming – the ‘new normal’. For many across the country, face-to-face meetings seem like a distant memory. With conferences and big events getting cancelled, and travel restrictions making it harder for people to get to their meetings, many organisations are turning to online options to get their content and message out there.

Skilled presenters are always very highly regarded within any organisation however there’s a real difference between presenting face-to-face and presenting online. You need to adapt to the fact that your audience isn’t in the room.

You can’t take the sales presentation you’ve planned to deliver in a room of prospects, present the exact same thing virtually, and expect it to work just as well.

On Xel’s Presenting & Selling Online ‘live & online’ virtual training Master Class, delegates will learn how to deliver their message effectively and confidently and how to get and keep the audience’s attention during the course of any online presentation.

As more and more of us are relying on home offices – both bespoke and nowadays perhaps a little makeshift – ensuring you have the right set up to host online presentations and attend meetings is a must.

Delegates on Xel’s Presenting & Selling Online ‘live & online’ virtual training Master Class will therefore also learn what makes a great set-up so you can present confidently without fear of interruption, but also so that your audience doesn’t have to work too hard to hear or see you.