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Presenting & Selling Online – Delegate Feedback/Testimonials

Delegate Testimonials

“I found the Presenting & Selling Online training course very useful as it had many transferrable skills for when conducting ‘in-person’ presentations. The biggest impact it will have on my job is that it will give me more confidence and new ideas when presenting CPD’s. I thought this was a well balanced and well presented course that offered fresh ideas in ways of presenting and working.”

Callum Sharp – Area Sales Manager – Tricel Environmental UK.

‘The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful due to the great coverage of key points and detail which I expect will help my online presentations to be more impactful and increase the chances of success. Andrew is an excellent presenter and knows how to gain contact with audiences for the best effect.”

Allan Binstead – Managing Director – Morris Site Machinery.

‘The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful due to the clarity of the moderator, the level of engagement maintained with the team throughout, the content relevance to our new daily working requirements, useful tips and hints and well as assisting in shaping a different mind-set.”

Chris Morris – CEO – Morris Site Machinery.

‘The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful as the session included several insights about screen-based remote communications, the use of which will contribute to a more impactful interaction. Information about optimising slides for this type of meeting, the importance of visual aids and how technical tools (camera, lighting, green screen, etc) improve the overall presentation. My future presentations will be more thoughtful of the online environment.”

Mervin Savostianik – Industrial Product Manager, Americas, Bender Inc.

“The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful due to the way the training was conducted, the knowledge and the key points that Andrew provided as well as the group discussions that made the session very interactive. I have learned a lot which I look forward to implementing in future presentations. I found aspects touching on the use of technology very useful and I also found the way Andrew presented to be very engaging and interacting. Yes, it will definitely improve our abilities to keep customers attention and keep them engaged leading to more sales and better relationship building.”

Harkirat Deol – Application Sales Engineer, Bender Inc.

“The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful as it highlighted some useful tips and insights that we can bring to our business and the way in which we present to stakeholders. All sections were useful and it will change what we present and the way we present online going forward. It also highlighted the need to invest in the appropriate equipment. I think the online training format works very well and I would be happy to do more of this going forward.”

Darren Broad – CEO – Nationwide Hygiene Group.

“The training was extremely useful because presenting online was a fear of mine however I feel much more prepared and more confident to do these going forward. The parts I found most useful were preparation, the set-up and the check-list, how important the timings are for not only breaks, but the recommendations on the percentage of time spent on each part.”

Karen Burt – National Accounts Manager – Nationwide Hygiene Group.

“The Presenting & Selling Online training programme was very useful as I obtained new insights into how to present in a ‘virtual room’. The tips for layout were helpful and it was a positive, well paced session. The topics I found most useful were the use of breakout rooms (if dealing with larger audiences), set-up for lighting and equipment – all of which will be used moving forward.”

Michael Harrison – Business Development Manager – Marsh Industries Ltd.

“The online programme was extremely useful as it was a good reminder to check our own and our customer’s technical set-up prior to conducting online meetings. Also, how to avoid distractions, and having a clear agenda for the meeting with an intended outcome. The structure of the meeting should roughly be 20-60-20 and I will try and adopt this format moving forward. I also found the use of visual aids useful as this increases the amount of information retained by the customer.”

Bob Rowell – Area Sales Manager – Tom Parker Ltd.

“The online training was extremely useful as it helped to focus both the additional and continued sales presentation requirements for being successful using an online presentation route to the customer. The technical set-up and focus on creative multimedia was particularly useful as online presenting will become an important part of the sales toolkit. To be professional/successful in this regard, it is important to understand the differences from the face-to-face alternative.”

Jeremy Hodge – Managing Director – Cherwell Packaging Ltd.