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Bender Group Invest in Strategic Sales Training Programme for their International Sales Team

We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the initial phase of a Strategic Sales Training Programme for the Bender Group International Sales Team. Bender is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical safety solutions that guarantee electrical safety for people and equipment across various industry sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Rail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Data Centres
  • Marine Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing

The International Sales Team came from various parts of Europe and South America to attend the initial phase of the Strategic Selling programme which was held in Manchester over four days (two days for two groups). The primary objective that Bender wanted to achieve by investing in this programme for the team was to help develop a strategic selling process and action plan to significantly improve the odds of winning large & complex sales opportunities. Other objectives included:

  • To influence and secure approval from multiple decision makers within the decision making unit
  • To gain more visibility into the status of important sales opportunities
  • To improve team collaboration to pursue strategic opportunities and allocate appropriate resources
  • To forecast revenue with greater accuracy
  • To increase close rates for opportunities with long sales cycles

This Strategic Selling programme has been designed and tailor-made to give the international sales team a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource intensive deals with low probabilities of success. It shows how to focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

The initial two-day programme is to be followed up with a number of review sessions at various intervals which are designed to help ensure the team are implementing the skills and strategies from the training programme in the most appropriate way. This approach minimises the time away from the work place at any one time, allows time for attendees to test and implement the skills and strategies from the training programme therefore ensuring the effectiveness of the training is far longer lasting. Structuring the programme this way will ensure Bender gain a much improved ROI than with the traditional training approach of a one week residential programme.

If you are interested in knowing more about running a Strategic Selling Programme for your own sales team or wish to discuss running any other tailored in-company training programme then please call 01772 611115 or 020 7100 1331 and speak to one of our programme advisors.